We know that nowadays jewelry organization is in urgent need as modern women have less and less time at home doing cleaning. This time we’re going to present you with three outstanding ways to keep your jewelry organized in just minutes!


First, use the jewelry hanger. This light and unique organizer comes at the shape of a clothes hanger. The jewelry hanger makes it easy to select and coordinate jewelry with clothing with transparent PVC pockets, and hangs anywhere you like, on the wall, in the closet or behind doors. For those with bigger collections of jewelries, choose the two-sided ones. Otherwise just choose the plain version which is enough for all kinds of jewelry.


Remember, the jewelry hanger is best for organizing jewelry at home, as it’s large and may not be very portable.


Second, turn to a jewelry box if you want to organize your desk top. No one likes to see his or her desk messy with earrings here and there, and no one enjoys digging into the drawer for the right necklace to wear. So the desktop or the drawer is definitely an important place to take care of. The jewelry box is the perfect choice for that purpose.


Unlike the hanger that is hard to carry, the jewelry box gives you the freedom to carry it anywhere you like, especially for long vacations.


For those who thinks small is big, we recommend the jewelry roll, which is our third tip. For short travels, you really don’t need to carry all jewelries with you. Pick several and store them in a jewelry roll, which is much smaller and lighter. We’re not saying that the jewelry hanger or jewelry box isn’t good, but the roll makes your trip much easier.


Last but not least, an important piece of suggestion from Angelina’s Palace. If you want to buy more than one jewelry organizer, make sure you buy from one brand, so that the stays or holders of one organizer, the jewelry hanger, for example, could match those of another, such as the jewelry roll. For Angelina’s Palace, the removable stays and pockets inside the organizers  fit all products with an easy snap.


Now that we’ve shared our ultimate picks for necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories, why don’t you try to store and organize your bling immediately?

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