It's holiday season. My five-year-old daughter, Emma, is in the school chorus and was to take part in a singing performance for Christmas.

I brought my little angel to shop for the dress she loves, and she stopped in front of rows of hair bands. All little girls love these! She put on a cat’s ear one, and put it down. She then tried the bowknot one and smiled at me. She also tried on the Minnie Mouse ears, then a big pink flower with pearls, and the one with a little tiara.

We took back home three. Now she has like seven of these hair bands, plus some hair pins.

Where to place them becomes a hard question. I do have a jewelry case but it only stores two hair bands. I thought of DIY one, but couldn’t find the right material. I decided to hang them on a nail on the wall of Emma’s closet.

The big night finally came! The kids and parents gathered at the auditorium, waiting for the cheerful moment.

Emma was bouncing up and down with her bestie, Janice. I was with Janice’s mother, Caroline, helping to get the dresses ready.

Caroline took out a cute box out of her bag, and opened it. There inside the box, stood several hair bands.

“Oh this is pretty good!”

“The hair bow bag? Yes I love it. I couldn’t live without it!”

“I was just looking for one like this! Emma has too many hair bands and I don’t know where to place them.”

Caroline introduced me to the Angelina’s Palace hair bow bag. It’s very compact, which is perfect for kids. Compared to real simple ones, it has more functions.

The case has two compartments with transparent covers. It can hold hair bands in one compartment and several hair pins in another. One can just snap it and carry on the road or store in the drawer.

I knew immediately that I need one of these. Caroline told me I can get it online or in local boutique stores. So here I am, bringing Emma to her grandparents’ with all her little treasures organized and protected!



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