Have you met the “Transformer” of jewelry organizer? Meet the AP ALTA Jewelry Roll! Designed for short-time travel, the ALTA rolls up like a clutch, but also has a hook that allows you to hang in your closet or on the walls when you unknot. The ALTA holds six pairs of earrings, and has six small zippered pouches and another six medium-sized zippered pouches, providing a safe haven for necklaces, pins, bracelets and even watches.

The ALTA is available in 23 different patterns, including the more girlish ones such as the Colorful Circles, the Fuchsia Paisley and the Lacy Roses, and ones with a more professional look such as the Diamond Black, the Dreamy Circles and the Snakeskin.

It’s important that a traveling jeweler keeps her jewelry safe and organized in an easy way. The ALTA serves this very purpose. It’s tiny and light, making it perfect to transport, and it easily transforms into a jewelry hanger that suits the home. It should be your first choice if you’re looking for something versatile!



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