If you’re looking for a good organizing method or a very thoughtful gift idea, we recommend the ANNECY. It’s a great jewelry hanger that builds on the merits of its predecessors, with a front-and-back design, a large quantity of pockets and stays, and pouches that are removable with a simple snap-off.

The front contains 21 earring stays and three ring stays that hold up to 18 rings. All stays are removable. Below are 14 small pouches, 14 medium pouches and two zippered pouches. On the back are 40 detachable necklace stays. These features are quite similar to the TENBY Double-side Homie. The difference is that all the pouches on the front are detachable, while those on TENBY are fixed. The benefits are obvious: you can take off individual pouches and toss them in your handbag or fits in other AP products when your life is on the go.

Of all the hangers, the ANNEBY is of the best design. Almost all demands of your daily organizing can be met with this powerful hanger!

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