The cushy, plush protection of our BAYNAC Large begins with an upper space of 24 earring stays and two ring stays, divided with the lower part with a see-through PVC cover. All these stays are removable with a simple snap-off. The lower part, which is the main compartment, is the perfect place for items other than rings and earrings. It contains six medium-sized pouches, six small pouches and six detachable snap-and-seal pouches. These pouches are perfect places for necklaces, bracelets, watches, and so much more. All the removable pouches have a see-through PVC front that allows you to make your selection of jewelry easily.

The goal of the BAYNAC is to provide enough space to store your jewelries, protect them with pockets and covers, and store them in a way that is easy to carry in a purse. If you have other products by AP, you can totally remove and relocate these pouches into other jewelry cases or hangers.



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