If there’s one product that lives up to AP’s mission statement best, it’s the BRAC. With all pouches in see-through PVC covers, the BRAC Hanger allows you to quickly find the item you're looking for without digging through a messy jewelry box – definitely makes life easier and better as AP always endeavors to.

The BRAC Hanger has a hook on top that hangs in the closet like a clothes hanger (in fact one can hang it anywhere, on walls, behind doors, etc.). Ithas 18 snap-on earring stays, two snap-on ring stays, 16 medium-sized fixed pouches and six large fixed pouches. The pouches are good for jewelries other than rings and earrings,such as necklaces, bangles, hair bows, etc. Enough stays and pouches make sure that all jewelries be stored and well protected. It’s noticeable that all the stays are removable and with see-through plastic covers. The benefits are apparent – one can take individual jewelry items and put them in a handbag while going for work/school, or in a suitcase when travel. Instead of having pockets all over the back and making the hanger heavy and chunky, the BRAC has only two big pockets on the back. So it’s thinner and lighter than its predecessors. One of the two pockets is for storing the flannel bag that contains the BRAC when it rolls up – that’s what makes the BRAC even more suitable for the road.



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