Are you fed up with the disorderly look of your vanity with a pile of makeup items? Are you looking for a solution to your messy beauty box on the road? Well, you’re at the right place! AP has come up with an innovative makeup organizer – the CETTE Cosmetic Bag – to help you organize your makeup items at home and on the go.

Although AP’s smallest beauty organizer, the CETTE is by no means short of space. With a transparent front, the bag has three pockets inside and one zippered pocket on the back – enough for lipsticks, brushes, foundations, eye makeups and so much more. With the side handle attached, CETTE could be transformed into a wrist bag for easy carrying.

If you don’t have many makeup items at home and want to travel light, you can’t find anything better than the CETTE! Pick from nine patterns and get a cute little beauty case of your own!



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