The EZE is a single-side hanging jewelry organizer that is of the right size and enough features. It’s designed for both home and week-long travel. As its name indicates, the jewelry hanger is by appearance an easy-to-carry hook that hangs in the closet like a clothes hanger (in fact it can be placed anywhere, on walls, behind doors, etc.). The EZE has 21 earring stays, three ring stays, eight large pouches and medium-sized pouches with see-through PVC fronts, and another 10 pockets with snap closure. These pouches not only protect your jewelries, but are all detachable so that you can take them off and toss in your handbag or fit them in other AP products. With only one side for jewelry storage, the EZE allows you to roll it up easily. On the back is a large pouch at the bottom, where you can find a flannel pocket to store the EZE when it’s rolled up (Yes, it rolls up!)

Leave your messy jewelry box behind and organize your precious belongings with the EZE! Coming in nine different patterns, the EZE Jewelry Hanger is perfect for home organizing, week-long travels with a roll-up feature, and daily carrying with all these detachable pouches.



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