Every girl loves hair bows! It’s quite likely that your girl may have a million of them that are stuffed into a drawer and never see the light of the day. All mothers should have a good case to keep their sweetheart’s hair bows organized and easy to find.

AP’s FLAM Hair Bow Bag comes to rescue. Although small and compact, the bag has two spacious compartments with easy access. One of the compartments contains two detachable hair bow stays that can hold up to six sets of hair bows. The other compartment, with a zipped closure, is good for all hair bows, clips and hair bands. With the help of a transparent front panel, you can easily see where one particular bow is placed and pick the right one to wear within seconds.

For many mothers, it can be a nightmare in the morning trying to get out of the house when girls want that exact hair bow they can’t find. End the crisis with the FLAM! The FLAM comes in nine different colors, such as gold, black, purple, etc. The interior is mostly in red, giving it a cute, sweet touch.



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