The GORDE is a classic. If you’re looking for something not too large and not too small, the GORDE is your choice. It works fine whether you travel a lot or just need a jewelry box in your bedroom. On the backside of its lid are one ring stay that holds up to six rings and six earring stays. In the compartment you’ll find multiple pouches in three different sizes – small, medium and large. One important thing to notice is that all the stays and pouches are removable and fit in other AP jewelry organizers. Also, the pouches boast a see-through front that help make organizing easier. That’s why our GORDE is considered the best choice for vacations or business trips.

As most AP products, the GORDE is made from superior leather zipper pullers and non-rusting metal. As our signature product, the GORDE comes in three sizes, each with over 20 patterns.



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