Like most modern women, your day has many different phases. You may start at the gym with your sports bag, and then go to work in a professional handbag. After work you may want to go grocery shopping and want a big tote to hold stuff. Sounds troublesome? AP’s HETTA Purse Organizer comes to rescue! It helps you easily move your daily items from one bag to another, and you can find the same items in the same place, in every purse, every time!

Inside the HETTA are 14 pockets of different sizes that are more than enough for most women, from makeup items to digital devices and from passport to purse. It also has separate pen holders, coin pouch and card holders for credit cards or your ID card. Don’t worry about adding weight to your carry. The material is very light with premium nylon.

Enjoy clutter control with AP’s HETTA Purse Organizer! Simply load your purse items in the organizer and put in another handbag in seconds. Pick from 20 patterns!



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