There’s nothing more rewarding as having a tidy desk and an orderly makeup area. And there’s nothing like the IRIS Compact that takes your beauty organizing to a new level. Unlike traditional beauty organizers, the inside space of the IRIS is a big removable pocket, making the case easier to carry, clean and organize. The removable pocket contains eight brush holders, eight pockets, and two side compartments. What’s more, on the lid of the IRIS there are two elastic holders and one zippered pocket. All these parts make the IRIS a very functional organzier, keeping everything neatly sorted and within easy reach. You can put your brushes or lipsticks in smaller pockets, and bottles in larger ones. Put something light on the lid and heavy stuff at the bottom.

It feels so good when your color-coded lipsticks are all in a row and your makeup brushes are sitting pretty, right? Come and pick from over 40 different patterns of the IRIS!



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