There’s a fine line between having an impressive makeup collection and being an excessive cosmetic hoarder. And more often that line is determined by how women organize their beauty items. If you are one with too many makeup items, it’s crucial you use our KEMI Double-Compartment Beauty Case, which is one of our largest.

KEMI’s upper compartment contains three detachable brush stays that can hold up to 18 brushes. It’s also equipped with a fixed mirror which comes very handy. The lower compartment has only one inserted pocket, which has eight stays of the size of a lipstick, two side pouches and four inner pouches for whatever one wants to carry.

Don’t worry about it being clumsy. The KEMI uses ultra light material as AP is a high-end producer of jewelry, makeup and purse organizers. No matter you’re looking for something sweet or something professional, you’ll find the right one from nine different patterns!



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