Kolin by AP lets you switch from plain-faced to absolutely fantastic in mere minutes! With three spacious compartment divided by a transparent protecting covers, the case arranges your makeup items for ultimate efficiency. The top space contains three big and three small pockets for skin care bottles, giving them the best protection. The lower compartment contains two removable brush stays that can hold up to 18 brushes and an eyelash curler pouch. The roomy main compartment holds five pockets of different sizes and one long pocket with a zipper. These pockets allow you to store and protect your items and put them in an organized way. It also has a zippered pocket on the front for additional use.

Kolin is a classic beauty case. It’s easier and faster to put your makeup on when it’s neatly organized, and Kolin perfectly does the job. Choose from nine patterns and organize your daily essentials immediately!



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