The TENBY is a most powerful storage idea by AP that makes organizing jewelry a breeze. The large hanger has enough pockets for almost all jewelry items, and all is visible with transparent PVC covers that also help prevent dusts and rusting.

You can see how powerful it is by looking at these numbers. The TENBY has 21 detachable earring stays and three detachable ring stays that hold up to 18 rings on top of its front side. Below the stays are 25 small pouches, eight medium pouches and two big pouches. All pouches are fixed but see-though for better organizing and easier selection. On the back are 40 necklace stays and one big zippered pocket for whatever you want to store.

The front-and-back design to make use of its both sides is one of the most impressive features of the TENBY. If you have many jewelry items and want a good organizer to hang in the closet, TENBY is the one! Don’t hesitate and choose from our 28 patterns!



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