Change handbags often? Tired of digging through your large bags to find stuff? Want everything to be neat, organized and assigned in its own spot? Seriously, AP’s VOSS is the ultimate solution for your purse organization needs – organize your daily items and switch handbags in just seconds!

Inside the VOSS are 14 pockets of different sizes for items ranging from makeup items to digital devices and from passport to purse. It also has separate pen holders, coin pouch and card holders for credit cards or your ID card. All these pockets are easily accessible, but there are pockets that are concealed so that you can better protect valuable things. Don’t worry about adding weight to your carry. The material is very light with premium nylon just like the HETTA.

Different from the HETTA, the two side pockets of VOSS are closed with a snap, not an elastic string, making the case more compact.

Staying organized has never been so easy with the VOSS.Five patterns are available for your choice. Buy immediately!



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