Summer is the best time to clean your clutters

The summer heat has withered a lot of things – plants, our spirit and energy, etc. We all want to just stay at home and do nothing. I personally love shaking off everything that feel unnessesary, and Angelina’s Palace ANNECY Jewelry Hanger helps me achieve that.


My name’s Cheri. I’m 33, and I’m a big hoarder. One of my hobbies is collecting jewelries. There’s the Olive Leaf necklace that I bought in New York with my friends last winter. Oh and the earrings with rubellites that my grandma gave me as my 30th birthday present. And of course the diamond ring that my husband gave me five years ago.


Then, there are quite many jewelry items that I seldom wear and hardly will. They are what I bought on a whim, or cheap ones that have withered, or those that I liked then and no longer now. Speaking of this I believe many of you are nodding as you probably have the same feelings! So why not buy a good jewelry organizer to discard the bad and store the good?


I bought AP’s ANNECY Jewelry Hanger, as I fell in love with it at the first sight. First, I want home organizing so I won’t choose boxes or rolls. Meanwhile, it has removeble pockets in case I do want to carry them with me. Second, it’s cute and very versatile. In the shape of a clothes hanger I can hide it in the closet or behind doors to avoid taking too much space. Third, its double sides make it very powerful and functional.


Let’s see how much it can store (copying from AP website):



Amazing, right? Even for a hoarder like me, the ANNECY is more than enough!


I’ve been using the ANNECY for over two months and I have to say its quality is no matching. I hang lots of items on it, so the hook has to be strong. And the ANNECY definitely stands the test! I’m a fan of AP now as they always use premium accessories – customized coated metal and high quality wax leather zipper pullers. All the snap-on pockets are PVC covered, providing the best protection to my treasures.


I won’t recommend any specific color as everyone has his/her own taste. But I choose the Black myself as it fits all kinds of home décor.

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